In year 2000, the company MA-YDI ltd., also began to carry out import and export activities, and representation and distribution of raw materials and chemicals for chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, construction, colour, rubber, and food industry in Slovenia and on the markets of former Yugoslav countries (Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia).

The company is maximally specialised in marketing pigments, such as iron, natural and special oxides. We offer various raw materials and chemicals made by well-known European producers, such as LANXESS, EINZA, HEUBACH, PROMINDSA, BROLL, TKK, etc., with all necessary documentation and certificates and also along with customer assistance in the form of a technical service centre.

For this line of business the company has organised a warehouse and a depot for dangerous chemicals, situated in Ljubljana. All raw materials and chemicals and their storage is supervised by our safety adviser. The company also constantly monitors the development and legislation in the field of transport and trade in dangerous chemicals, e.g. the Chemicals Act and the Transport of Dangerous Goods Act (ADR / RID). Raw materials and chemicals are mostly transported with cargo vehicles and railway; if necessary, the goods can also be transported under the supervision of our safety adviser.